Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm back:-)

Well, it's been a long haul. Selling the coupon space, setting up distribution, doing the accounting, promotions, advertising, the list goes on! My partner and I are tired...But it's not over yet. The final touches are going on this weekend and it's going to print! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait to see it for real. I have had a ton of support from those around me, so if you're thinking of starting your own business, here are some tips:

1) write a business plan
2) stay on course
3) expect you will work harder then you ever have before
4) balance your life with family, work, love, get the point
5) laugh
6) do your homework
7) expect challenges and face them
8) be positive, but realistic
9) be patient
10) shoot for the stars

The Tiny Tots Coupon Book will be making its debut September, so to reserve your copy, go to!

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Nichole said...

Wow, those pictures made me get all teary. Erik is so big and I don`t even recognize Cameron! They are definitely two beautiful boys!