Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Raspberry Kids

Let’s face it Mommies, it is tough having to take the kids out on shopping trips ~ tougher still when the shopping to be done is for those little darlings, who would rather be doing anything but shopping! Do we really want to fill them up on jelly beans so mommy can have 5 more minutes to browse? Or buy yet another dinky car to keep the peace as you line up to pay? Well, The Family Book has discovered another great online store that will solve your shopping dilemma!

Raspberry Kids tagline is “fresh, healthy & fun” and the resulting line of baby & children’s products they have created fits it to a “T”. You are going to find a beautiful and whimsical selection of high quality, interesting & unique items, many made of wood, organic materials, and safe and/or recycled plastics. Better still, they are a Canadian company, located in Vancouver, BC, which makes ordering in Canada quick, easy and “duty free”!

I received a bath toy by boon called Splat, just a day or two after ordering. They make great “safe” (BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free ~ hooray!) toys for the bath, including a great water faucet cover (called “Flo”) which makes a cool waterfall and protects small heads from unpleasant faucet-bumps (also available at raspberry kids!). This particular toy is from boon’s new line of bath toys. Splat is a floating ring toss game that is perfect for bathtub or water table fun! Like all boon products, the colours and design are bright, fun and visually interesting. Three colourful, easy to grip rings can be tossed onto the blue holder, which looks like a huge raindrop splat, hence the name I’m sure! It is for children 9+months, but my 5 year old is having lots of fun with it and I’m sure Splat will be making its way out to the swimming pool this summer!

Be sure to take advantage of the Wish List feature they offer. What a great way to help out all those adoring grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends in their quest for the perfect gift!
And for those of you with a wish list, you may be interested in hosting an E-party. Raspberry Kids is now offering a virtual shopping party opportunity for you and at least 15 friends or family. You can select discounts of 15% or 20% for all of your guests, as well as hostess benefits, gifts and more!

Visit raspberry kids at their website and be sure to use your coupon from The Family Book (coupon #183 15% off any regular priced purchase).

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